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Toon Boom Studio 8.0 Cracked

||Toon Boom Studio 8.0||

Toon Boom Studio 8.0 Full Version Free Download With Keygen Crack Licensed File

Animation in Full Gear!
Take advantage of this action-packed Toon Boom Studio 8! As never seen before! Itâ?™s easy-to-use and packed with the most enhanced multi-technique animation engine. Donâ?™t settle for less! With this animation software, you can add action to your creativity at the click of a button.

Multi-Technique Animation Software
The ultimate, most enhanced multi-technique animation software. Choose from a wide variety of animation techniques, such as bones animation, cut-out, stop-motion, traditional digital or paper animation and rotoscoping.What’s NEW in Toon Boom Studio

What’s NEW in Toon Boom Studio

Instant Motion
-Draw a trajectory and follow the line!
-Just draw and watch it move. This tool makes the animation for you.

Instant Talking
-Import sound! Lip-sync as easy as 1,2,3!
-The brand new and revamped lip-sync engine.

Instant Blockbuster Effects
-Make the action happen! Movie magic just one click away.
-54! All new thrilling, action special effects. Create great blockbusters with the new Shatter, Magic, Splash, Explosion, Fire and Celestial effects.

Instant Natural Movement
-Introducing the soft and smooth bone movement collection.
-Make your bone rigs look smooooooth and flowy.

Instant Storyline
-Direct your movie scene-by-scene! Start the action!
-All new scene transitions available in Toon Boom Studio.

Key Features

Make it happen with Toon Boom Studio, an easy-to-use animation software thatâ?™s ideal for animation fans, students, teachers and hobbyists. Use Toon Boom Studioâ?™s enhanced features to create your own cartoon or movie following the animation workflow.

Paint Artwork Using Advanced Tools – With Toon Boom Studio, you can create animation using a variety of drawing tools.

Multiple Content Creation Options
-Draw, scan, capture or import artwork and video.
-Import and animate many types of media elements, such as digital pictures and capture live images.

Bone Animation Tools
-Animate faster
-Connect a character into a Robo-Skeleton template and watch it move
-Animate a skeleton with ease using the enhanced, simple-to-use bone animation tools
-NEW Add natural movement to animated bone rigs with the natural flow feature

Colour Palettes – Set your own colour palettes, alter the tint and easily change your colours throughout the entire animation.

Powerful, Yet Easy-To-Use Effects
-NEW Add instant blockbuster effects to your animation! Make animations with a bang thanks to the new action-packed effects designed to create great blockbusters at the click of a button!
-Summon the forces of nature and seize control of them with Rain, Fog, Snow, Hail, Volcano and Cloud effects.
-Shake, rattle and roll with ground trembling effects.
-Soften edges and create an illusion of depth with the Blur effect.
-Cast shadows and create a dramatic atmosphere.
-Mask, cut and shave anything using the Clipping effect.
-Make the sun rise or set, plus animate any colour transition using the Colour Transform effect.

All NEW Audio and lip-sync
-Easily automate imported sounds to a mouth of your choice, doing all the hard work for you.
-Choose a mouth from the library or draw your own. Itâ?™s never been easier to create mouth positions.

Camera Moves
-Create multiplane 3D camera movements.
-NEW Now you can easily create a camera and animate it right away, making a real Hollywood dolly effect!

System Requirements:
-Dual Core Intel® or AMD® processor (minimum Core i3 or Phenom II processor)
-Microsoft Windows 8, 7 or Tablet PC (certified for 32 bits)
-4 GB RAM (Minimum 2 GB)
-Monitor supporting 1280×1024 resolution
-Video card supporting Direct3D or Open GL with 256 MB RAM
-Wacom® Digital Drawing Tablet (optional)
-Free QuickTime Player
-Free Adobe® Reader

Languages: English, French


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